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Our Commitment to Languages

To offer greater accessibility and effectiveness of our Child Protection training we offer our courses in multiple languages. We believe instruction is most effective when delivered in a learner’s mother tongue language.

Our translations are conducted by mother tongue educators. They know the verbiage and colloquial language needed for adults working with children. All translations are reviewed by other educators for clarity and accuracy.

Learners can use any language available on the system.

Learners experience their language of choice throughout their interaction with ChildSafeguarding.com. From the entry point of the courses to the certification, all labels, buttons, text, subtitles, and audio are presented in their language.

We continue to add languages regularly.


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What Customers Say About ChildSafeguarding.com

Chairperson,Association of National and Private Schools

“ChildSafeguarding.com offers something that is international (multiple languages), seamless to implement, and vital for the community. A perfect combination.”