CODES uses two types of codes to give learners access to the course:

  • Course Codes Codes to begin the course.

    (e.g. CA1B2C3)

  • Learner Codes – Codes issued to learners after they begin the course that allows them to resume when paused or to access their certificate once completed.

    (e.g. LD4E5F6)


Course Codes

When you buy seats for the course or add additional languages and/or connections, you will be issued with Course Codes.

Learners use these codes to begin the course.

When used to begin the course, Course Codes tell our system to use the following information with the learner: your organization, language of instruction, and connection or generic course information (only for Vendors and Individuals)

Course Codes are provided:

  • Via URL – A link that will take learners directly to beginning of the course

  • Via QR Code – When scanned will take learners directly to the beginning to the course

  • Via Code – A 7 digit code starting with “C” (e.g. CA1B2C3) that can be entered at to take learners to the beginning of the course

Important Notes About Course Codes:

  1. You will distribute the same Course Code to multiple learners.
    For example, you will use the Course Code that corresponds to Mandarin (Simplified) and the British American International School for all learners who speak Mandarin (Simplified) that work at that school.

  2. Course Codes only begin the course.

    Please instruct your learners to only use the Course Code to begin the course, not to continue it if they pause or lose connection. They will use their Learner Code for this.

Learner Codes

Once a learner has begun the course, the system will issue a Learner Code.

Learner Codes can be used to:

  • Resume the course if paused or if the connection is lost

  • Continue the course on another device

  • Access the Completion Certificate


Learner Codes tell our system the following information: your organization, language of instruction, connection or generic course information (only for Vendors and Individuals), learner’s name, and progress or completion.

Important Notes About Learner Codes:

  1. Learner Codes are unique for each session of the course.
    A new Learner Code will be issued each time a learner begins the course. If a Learner begins the course multiple times, a new Learner Code will be issued each time.

  2. Learner Codes convert to Unique Certificate Numbers upon completion.

    Once the learner has completed the course, the system converts their Learner Code into a Unique Certificate Number. The code does not change. This allows the learner to use the same Learner Code to resume the course and to access the Certificate of Completion.

  3. Once a Learner Code is issued it cannot be changed.

    Once a learner begins the course, the Learner code and the information includes ( your organization, language of instruction, learner name, connection, progress) cannot be changed. If the Learner has made a mistake, we suggest you terminate the In-Progress session through the Learners tab on the Dashboard and the Learner begin again.

  4. You can recover lost Learner Codes.

    Though learners are shown how to find and record their Learner Code during the course, they may misplace this information. If a Learner Code is lost, visit the Learners tab of your Dashboard to retrieve the code.