Testimonios de Clientes

El Equipo de Salvaguarda incluye a los miembros del personal y maestros responsables de las operaciones de Salvaguardia y Protección Infantil en una escuela. Pueden incluir consejeros escolares, Oficiales de Protección de la Infancia, Líderes de Salvaguardia Designados o miembros del Comité de Protección de la Infancia.

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Designated Safeguarding Lead

ChildSafeguarding.com enables us to establish foundational safeguarding vocabulary and awareness for all adults surrounding our children, regardless of the language that they most comfortably speak.

Vice-Principal Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Being an International School, we really struggled to source and deliver relevant Safeguarding training to our native speaking school staff. ChildSafeguarding.com solved this problem beautifully, offering a choice of Safeguarding training in a wide variety of languages.

Social Emotional Counselor and Child Protection Officer

The language and accessibility components of the ChildSafeguarding.com course has allowed all adults in our school to be fully aligned with providing our learners with a safe and happy space.

School Counsellor

The interactive questionnaires with symbols is excellent, well done! The way the different types of abuse is explained is very informative. How private parts are explained and repeated again is well done.

Head of Pastoral Care

ChildSafeguarding.com offers an easy and accessible way to ensure that all adults working in our school are aware of both the safeguarding and protection of our students.

School Doctor and Child Safety Team Lead

ChildSafeguarding.com make us SMILE (Simple, Meaningful, Important, Legal and Excellent)!

Designated Safeguard Lead

ChildSafeguarding.com has enabled us to deliver the essential safeguarding information to our diverse auxiliary staff community in their native language.

Child Safeguarding Lead

It was great to be able to offer our team safeguarding training that was relevant in their mother tongue. It was very accessible and the feedback was positive.

Director of Student Services and Designated Safeguarding Lead

ChildSafeguarding.com has proven to be an effective way to deliver Safeguarding training in a staff member’s native language.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

ChildSafeguarding.com provides a professional child protection training opportunity, using clear and easily accessible language for all learners to be able to grasp the key content. The course includes definitions, explanations, examples and some tests which can make leaners fully understand the content. For our school, it has helped us to further diversify and extend training opportunities.

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Teacher of Physical Education

I think it’s a great idea and providing a service that many schools don’t even know they need yet!


The most helpful part of the course was the clarity and simplicity with which the content was conveyed. The course was comprehensive, crisp, and designed in an easy-to-understand manner for all adults in a school environment.


The ChildSafeguarding.com platform was great for our teachers, support staff, and outside activity providers. They learned the foundational child protection concepts and practices that every adult should know when working with children. We appreciated the ease of use, content, and multiple languages the platform offered.

K-12 School Counsellor

By highlighting all the signs to look for in our students when it comes to child safeguarding, Childsafeguarding.com has saved us many hours of teacher training.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

For me, the validation of culture that is reinforced with the certificate in the participant’s language is so important for building safeguarding culture.

Guidance Counselor

One challenge in international education is providing ongoing training that is equally accessible to all members of staff. Often, one or more staff are asked to participate in trainings presented in what is their second or third language (at least!). ChildSafeguarding.com removes this challenge through their remarkable roster of training languages. There were no alternative language requests I could not fulfill.

Personal Academic Counselor/ Child Protection Officer

This is MUCH needed important work. SO many kids will be safer as a result of this endeavour! THANK YOU for pursuing this project!


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