Child Protection Training for adults working with children

Everyone has a role to play in preventing child abuse

Training all adults to help keep children safe offers online Child Protection Training for adults working with children such as leaders, teachers, support staff, service providers, volunteers, and parents.

Our Child Protection courses are universally accessible through our bespoke eLearning platform and our unique instructional design. The courses are accessible on any Internet-connected device and are available in more than 35 languages. 

The goal of is to make every organization worldwide safe for children through Child Protection training for all adults.

Our Child Protection Courses

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Through our multiple language offerings, we deliver Child Protection training directly to learners in their mother tongue language from beginning to end.

Issued Certificates

Issued Certificates

Our bespoke eLearning platform is accessible to all learners, simple to administer, and offers certificates that can be digitally verified.


Countries Served

Schools, companies, charities, organizations, and individuals have used our Child Protection courses to train adults that work with children in countries around the world.


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Director, Commission on International EducationNew England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All NEASC schools are held to a high standard for child protection and safeguarding policies, practices, procedures, and impacts. We expect everybody in a learning community to take responsibility. We appreciate the important training tool that offers to schools, and indeed support all efforts to promote such training and awareness in schools.

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