Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below you will find answers to the most common questions you may have about Also, please visit our LinkedIn or Facebook pages for further information. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please Contact Us.

Who is behind

Our founding team has decades of international experience in EdTech and eLearning. We have worked with schools, governments, and companies to develop content and products that leverage technology for learning. We have worked in countries around the world.


Our CEO, Matt Harris, Ed.D., has a long career as an educator have worked as a teacher and a senior leader in several schools. He has also worked as an EdTech consultant for schools, governments, and companies worldwide.


Our content partner, Chris Gould of 112 Safeguarding, has worked with schools and public agencies globally in multiple facets of Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Who is intended for?

Our Child Protection training is designed for any adult who works with children, including teachers, support staff, service providers, volunteers, and parents. Our instructional design, universally accessible platform, and our language offerings are built so any adult regardless of geography, educational background, or mother tongue language can take our courses.


We built our platform to help organizations offer our training to their employees, volunteers, and parent community. The system was initially designed for schools and school vendors, but we have improved it to work with any organization that works with children.

Why do you focus on Child Protection?

Child Protection, or Child Abuse Prevention, is a field that focuses on protecting children from the most serious forms of harm and danger. This is a worldwide need in every organization that works with children because children can vulnerable to abuse. By focusing on Child Protection, we aim to help all adults and organizations meet their moral, legal, and practical requirements for protecting children.

What types of organizations would benefit from was initially designed for schools and those who work in schools. However, our content can be applied to any organization that works with children.

How do individuals use

Individuals can use our courses and resources in two ways: as part of an organization or on their own.


If the individual is part of an organization that has purchased credits on our platform, they can use the organizations credits to take courses at no cost to them.


An individual can also create an account and buy a course for themselves. The account will also give them access to free Child Protection resources.


Register here for an account.

How can we share that we are using

Organizations and individuals can share their completed certificates online. Just visit the certificate and choose one of the share options.


Organizations can also join our Recognition Program where we recognize organizations for their commitment to Child Protection. This program offers resources that can be shared online as well as a wall plaque.

What is Continuous Professional Development (CPD)?

Our Child Protection courses are a form of Continuous Professional Development or CPD.


CPD is a way people can improve their professional knowledge outside of university training programs. It is best practice, and in some professions required, for adults working with children to undertake CPD like our courses on a regular basis to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

What other trainings do you offer?

We offer Child Protection eLearning courses that can be completed at a learners own pace. 


We do not currently offer other trainings, such as Designated Safeguarding Lead training or Level 2 or Level 3 training.


We have partnerships with Safeguarding consultants who offer these trainings as well as others. Please contact:

Are you able to help us with other Child Protection matters?

We offer several free Child Protection resources that you can access on our webpage.


For specific questions or other Child Protection needs, we recommend you visit our Child Protection partners:

Who do you train?

Our Child Protection courses are designed to train any adult who works with children.


These include:

  • Teachers, teaching assistants, educators, leaders, etc.
  • Support Staff, such as cleaners, drivers, food service workers, etc.
  • Volunteers
  • Parents, guardians, and caretakers
What course should I take?

We currently offer 3 courses:

If the Level 1 course is not available in the language a learner needs, they may take the Awareness course in their language to provide them a baseline understanding of Child Protection.

What happens if a learner starts a course multiple times or takes the wrong course?

Each time a learner starts a course a session is initiated and a credit or credits are reserved. If a learner starts the course multiple times, the extra sessions can be terminated in the Learner section of the dashboard or they will automatically time out after a period of time. Once terminated or timed out, these credits are no longer reserved and are available for others to use. Terminated or timed out sessions cannot be resumed.

How long does a learner have to complete a course?

Learners have 14 days from the moment they start the course to complete it. If they do not finish in that time, their session will be timed out. Timed out sessions act the same as terminated sessions where the reserved credit or credits are returned and the session can no longer be resumed.

What happens after a learner completes a course?

For our Awareness course and our Level 1 course, the learner will given a digital certificate. This certificate will have a URL, it can be shared, it can be verified for authenticity, and it can be viewed in multiple languages. Both the learner and the organization will have access to this certificate.

For our Parents tutorial, once the learner or learners completes the tutorial they will be taken to an organization webpage on that will summary the key takeaways from the tutorial and offer bespoke Child Protection information for the organization. They will also have access to a printable handout. Both the webpage and the handout will be multi-lingual.

How long are certificates valid?

The certificates we issue for our Awareness course and our Level 1 course are valid for 2 years by default. Organizations have the option of shortening this validity period.


Once a certificate passes its validity period, it will be listed as expired. The certificate can still be accessed, but it will have the word EXPIRED written across it and it will not be verifiable.


After a learner’s certificate expires, they will need to retake the course to stay up-to-date on Child Protection.

Which languages can a learner use?

Learners can use any language we have available. 

However, once a session has started the language cannot be changed. If the learner wants to use a different language, they will need to start over.


Learn more about our available languages.

What do I do if I need a language that is not offered?

We are constantly producing new language versions of our course. Please contact us if you have a specific language request.

Are you planning more courses?

We are constantly producing new courses and revising our existing course. We choose which courses to build based on feedback from our customers. Please contact us if you have ideas for future courses.

Do learners need to register an account on the platform?

For organization or individuals purchasing the course for themselves, a registered account is required. This allows the organization or individual to manage courses, credits, learners, connections, languages, and transactions.

Learners working with an organization taking our Awareness course or our Parent tutorial do not register on the platform. They will self-identify through the course entry page.

Learners who are taking our Level 1 course will need an account. If they are planning to use their organization’s credits, they will need to connect to that organization. Visit the Connections section of the dashboard for instructions.

What happens if a learner loses his/her Learner Code?

All active Learner Codes can be accessed in the Learner section of the dashboard by the account administrator. The code can be downloaded or copied and then shared with the learner so he/she does not lose any progress.

How do connections work?

If a learner works with an organization and plans to use the organization’s credits to take our Level 1 course, the learner must create an account and connect to the organization.


By connecting to an organization,

  • The learner can use the credits the organization purchased to take course(s).
  • The organization can terminate any in-progress session that uses their credits.
  • The organization will see all of the learner’s certificate and in-progress session information, including information that does not involve their credits. This will allow the organization to see certificates their learner has earned outside of the organization.

Visit the Connection section of the dashboard for more information.

What devices and browsers work with your courses?

Our courses are designed to work on any Internet connected device using any browser.


The courses are adaptive and will reformat whether the learner is using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

What do I do if there is a problem with my certificate?

If there is an issue with a certificate, we recommend using another browser, a different device, or a different Internet connection.

How many people can administer the platform?

At this time, the platform only allows one administrator per account.

What data and learner information can be accessed?

In the dashboard:

  • The Courses & Credits section provides information on credits purchases, completed, in-progress, and available.
  • The Learner section provides data on learners and their sessions. This information gives a detailed overview of learners and their certification. The data can be downloaded to CSV.
  • The Connections section provides data on learners on individual learners connected to the organization. The data can be downloaded to CSV.
  • The Recognition page details requirements for our Recognition Program. This page will show collaterals, links, and expiration information for Recognized Organizations.
  • The Manage Account page will provide access to all account and organization information, customized reporting information, and transaction details that can be printed.
Do you offer API connections?

At present, we do not offer API connections to our system.

Do you offer How To videos?

Yes, we have a full series of How To videos that show you how every aspect of the courses and the platform work.

Click here to watch the series.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Union Pay, and bank transfers.


Formal quotes and invoices are available upon request. Please contact us if you need a quote or invoice.

What are your payment policies?

We require that credits are purchased before they can be used. 


Credits purchased directly through the dashboard are available immediately.


For purchases made by invoice, either by bank transfer or credit card, we must receive full payment must be received we will allocate the credits.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept United States dollars (USD).

What are your prices?

We sell our course in packages of credits or as individual courses.


Please visit our Buy Now page for a full list of our prices.


How do credits work?

Credits can be used on any available course or language.

Purchased credits never expire.

Credits are only “used” once a certificate is issued or a subscription is taken. For our Awareness course and our Level 1 course, unfinished sessions can be terminated and the credits re-used.

When do credits expire?

Purchased credits never expire.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer bulk purchase discounts through our credit packages. The larger the package, the lower the per credit cost.


Please visit our Buy Now page for a full list of our packages.


We also offer group pricing for organizations connected to some of our partners. Please contact the partner organization directly for details.

Do you offer enterprise pricing?

Yes, we offer enterprise pricing.


Please contact us for more information.

Can I buy credits for multiple organizations?

You can buy credits for multiple organizations if the organizations are connected.


Please contact us for more information.

Can I buy a course for myself?

Yes, individuals can buy courses for themselves.


Please visit our Buy Now page to purchase a course.


Learn more about with a personal demo for your organization.

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The increasingly complex dynamic of the international school community requires inclusive and accessible solutions. With a global focus whilst addressing a local need, offers a tool capable of equipping the whole school in its commitment to, and accountability for, baseline child protection training.