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Children are safer when everyone is Child Protection trained

We work with leading international education organizations, companies, and Child Protection experts to ensure our offerings meet the needs of schools and organizations that work with children worldwide.

Our Child Protection Partners

We have had the honor to work with Chris Gould of 112 Safeguarding as our Child Protection partner since the beginning.

Our Education and Corporate Partners

Our Recognized Organizations

We recognize schools, companies, and organizations for their commitment to Child Protection through training of their staff and volunteers. We are proud to recognize 53 organizations across 23 countries.

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What Customers Say About ChildSafeguarding.com

Executive Director, Child Safety & Protection Network (CSPN)

The Child Safety and Protection Network (CSPN) is composed of 120 member organizations involved in training and community service projects all around the world. Providing professional-quality child safety training to national employees and volunteers in their own language is an immense task, especially for smaller organizations. This unique, multi-lingual training program is just the kind of service our members need in order to protect the children in their care.