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Children are safer when everyone is Child Protection trained

Before we started ChildSafeguarding.com, most child abuse prevention training was written for English speaking, well-educated teachers working in Western countries. Those who work with children internationally, speak other languages, or have more diverse learning profiles did not have access to Child Protection training that met their needs. 

In 2019, we came up with the idea to offer eLearning that met the needs of all learners while aligning to global Safeguarding standards. We built a proof of concept version of the course that we shared with schools, Child Protection experts, law enforcement, accreditation agencies, and staff working in schools. The overwhelming feedback we received was that schools, companies, and adults working with children worldwide needed this type of training.

In 2020, we released ChildSafeguarding.com as the first universally accessible Child Protection training for all adults in schools. 

Our Child Protection courses and our bespoke eLearning platform are designed to be accessible and affordable to organizations that work with children. Our courses are web-based, designed for learners with any literacy level or educational background, available on-demand on any device, and is offered in multiple languages. 

Our Mission Statement

ChildSafeguarding.com empowers organizations and individuals to protect children from harm.

Our Global Approaches


We value removing barriers between learners and learning to ensure content is accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.


For those we serve, we believe a simple and straightforward approach is best for instruction and administration.


We believe learning is most effective when delivered to meet the instructional, geographic, and language needs of the learner.

Meet Our Course Authors

Co-Founder and CEO

Child Protection Expert



Our Partners and Recognized Organizations

We work with leading international organizations and Child Protection experts to ensure our offerings meet the needs of adults and organizations working with children worldwide. We also recognize organization for their commitments to Child Protection.

We have the honor working with 112 Safeguarding and Encompass Safeguarding as our Child Protection partners.Encompass Safeguarding.

We partner with education networks, groups, and companies that align to our mission of empowering adults to protect children worldwide.

We recognize schools, companies, and organizations for their commitment to Child Protection through training of their staff and volunteers.

Our Commitment to Victims of Child Abuse

Our mission is to reduce child abuse worldwide. In addition to helping prevent abuse through Child Protection training, we support victims of child abuse. 

We donate annually to organizations that aid and support child abuse victims.

Organizations We Support

Big Love Child Protection Specialist Center
Child Protection
Child Protection
Child Protection
Child Protection


As a fast moving, growing company with customers across the world, we are always looking for talented team members. 


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What Customers Say About ChildSafeguarding.com

Director, Commission on International EducationNew England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All NEASC schools are held to a high standard for child protection and safeguarding policies, practices, procedures, and impacts. We expect everybody in a learning community to take responsibility. We appreciate the important training tool that ChildSafeguarding.com offers to schools, and indeed support all efforts to promote such training and awareness in schools.