Child Protection Awareness Training
for Support Staff

Child Protection training for
Support Staff and Volunteers

Our Child Protection Awareness Training for Support Staff is an eLearning course that offers Child Protection training to volunteers and support staff working with children, including cleaners, bus drivers, security guards, etc.

The course is 60-90 minutes in length, designed for learners of all ability levels, accessible on any internet enabled device, and available in multiple languages.

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Training Designed For

Our Child Protection Awareness Training for Support Staff was designed to meet the learning, language, and technical needs of support staff and volunteers working with children.

The course was designed by educators and Child Protection experts with decades of experience working in schools, degrees in instructional design, and expertise in EdTech and eLearning.



Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers and Monitors

Security Guards

Security Guards

Facilities Staff

Child Protection Training for food service

Food Service Workers

Enrichment Providers

Enrichment Providers

Office Staff

Office Staff

Child Protection Training Gardeners


Watch a Sample

Watch this sample of our Child Protection Awareness Training for Support Staff to see how the course is offered in multiple languages. Currently the course available in more than 35 languages.

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Course Evaluation and Recognition

Our Support Staff course has been certified by The CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles.

Key Features

Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Our unique instructional design was written to meet the learning needs of the diverse adult learners that work with children in organizations such as schools. We developed a learner profile that takes into account their varied educational experiences and literacy levels, their diverse cultural backgrounds, and their range of knowledge in Child Protection, eLearning, and professional development.

Our course delivers Child Protection content that uses:

  • A concept focused approach
  • A multimodal approach that includes visual, auditory, and textual content
  • An interface accessible to all literacy levels
  • A quizzing system that focuses on engagement, not assessment

Every learner receives the same learning experience regardless of language.

Course Content

Our Child Protection Awareness Training for Support Staff was developed in partnership with Chris Gould of 112 Safeguarding. It was built upon the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The course aligns to international Child Protection training standards and legal frameworks.

Our course covers:

Part 1 – What is Child Protection and Why is it Important?
Part 2 – Types of Abuse
Part 3 – Child Protection Concerns
Part 4 – Appropriate Adult Behavior
Part 5 – Reporting Child Protection Concerns
           * Each section includes a quiz

To complete the introduction, 5 parts of the course, and the course review takes 60-90 minutes.


Our platform allows organizations to include their logo and customized reporting information that is presented in the course in line with the rest of the content.

The organization logo is added to the Certificate of Completion to show the course was completed in connection with the organization.

This custom reporting information is presented in the course and on the Certificate of Completion. This allows learners to read the organization’s reporting information and to keep a written reference for future use.

As an example of reporting information, if a school has a Designated Safeguarding Lead that should be contacted for Child Protection reports, the school can add that person’s name, job title, and contact information to the course.

This customized logo and reporting information is presented live. If a school updates this information, it will be updated on all subsequent sessions and certificates, even those that are reprinted.

Our Certificates of Completion are valuable learning artifacts for both learners and organizations.

  • The Certificate is valid for 2 years
  • It contains important information from the course and the school’s custom reporting information
  • It is presented in the language used in the course
  • It is accessible at any time using the Learner Code from the course
  • It can be printed, downloaded, or emailed

The language of the certificate can be changed. For example, if a school has learners that complete the course in multiple languages, they can download copies in English for internal records or in another language to meet local legal requirements.

All certificates can be authenticated through our verification system.

Multiple Languages
Multiple Languages


A central focus of is to make Child Protection training accessible to learners in multiple languages.

We present our Child Protection Awareness Training for Support Staff in these languages:

  • At the point of entry to the course
  • Throughout the course, in both audio and subtitles
  • On all buttons, labels, webpages, and emails
  • On the Certificate of Completion

Our aim is that learners taking the course have their entire experience presented in their language of choice, without the need for accommodation of English.

Our translations are done by educators because educators not only understand the language and the Child Protection content, but they also understand the context of working with children.

On Demand Child Protection Training

Device Accessibility

Our learning platform is accessible on-demand through any internet enabled device, including computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. It is adaptive to mobile devices both in portrait and landscape mode.

The platform is purely web based accessible on any browser. There are no software or apps to install.

The course is accessed through a code system that allows users to start or resume the course at any time.

eLearning Experience
eLearning Experience

eLearning Experience

Our bespoke eLearning platform was developed to provide access to our course to all learners.

The course is accessed through a code system that eliminates the need for usernames, passwords, and user registrations. To begin, learners only need to enter their name and press begin.

The learning interface is designed for universal understanding, including buttons that use basic shapes and primary colors and labels and subtitles presented in the language of instruction.

Our eLearning experience ensures that any learner can successfully complete the course regardless of their geography, literacy level, or technical experience.

Expected Outcomes


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Director, Commission on International EducationNew England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All NEASC schools are held to a high standard for child protection and safeguarding policies, practices, procedures, and impacts. We expect everybody in a learning community to take responsibility. We appreciate the important training tool that offers to schools, and indeed support all efforts to promote such training and awareness in schools.