Child Protection Training in

Course Title

Child Protection Awareness Course

English Sample Video

Five Parts of the Course

Types of Abuse

Emotional Abuse
Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse

English Certificate of Completion

English Child Protection Training Certificate

Course Title

Level 1 – Fundamental Child Protection Training for Educators

English Level 1 Demo

Learning Objectives

Case Studies

PreSchool - English


Primary School - English

Primary School

Secondary School - English

Secondary School

Whole School - English

Whole School

English Certificate of Achievement

Level 1 - Fundamental Child Protection Training for Educators Certificate - English

Tutorial Title

Child Protection Tutorial for Parents

English Parent Tutorial Demo

Objectives of the Tutorial

Our Shared Child Protection Values

Commitment - English
Collaboration - ENGLISH
Coordination - ENGLISH
Communication - ENGLISH

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Our Child Protection Training in English courses were written by Child Safeguarding experts and translated by native speaking educators. The language and instructional content are designed to meet the learning needs of mother tongue English speakers who work with children in schools, companies, charities, NGOs, and other organizations.

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Big Love is a valuable Child Protection training resource for schools; in this case, teachers and auxiliary staff specifically, are taught to identify signs of child abuse in their student population, which just might be the lifelines needed.