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Амжилттай Дүүргэсэн Тул Энэхүү Сертификатыг Олгов.

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Five Parts of the Course

Types of Abuse

English Mongolian
Emotional Abuse
Сэтгэл зүйн хүчирхийлэл
Physical Abuse
Бие махбодын хүчирхийлэл
Sexual Abuse
Бэлгийн хүчирхийлэл
Үл хайхрах хүчирхийлэл
Дээрэлхэх хүчирхийлэл

Translator: Zolzaya Badarch

Reviewer: Selenge Enkhtaivan

Mongolian Certificate of Completion

Mongolian Child Protection Training Certificate

Our Child Protection Training in Mongolian courses were written by Child Safeguarding experts and translated by native speaking educators. The language and instructional content are designed to meet the learning needs of mother tongue Mongolian speakers who work with children in schools, companies, charities, NGOs, and other organizations.

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Director, Commission on International EducationNew England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC)

All NEASC schools are held to a high standard for child protection and safeguarding policies, practices, procedures, and impacts. We expect everybody in a learning community to take responsibility. We appreciate the important training tool that offers to schools, and indeed support all efforts to promote such training and awareness in schools.