Testimonios de Clientes

El personal de operaciones son los empleados no académicos de la escuela. Manejan el personal de apoyo que dirige las operaciones de la escuela. ChildSafeguarding.com fue diseñado para los empleados que supervisan.

Lea más sobre sus experiencias con nuestro Curso de Concienciación sobre la Protección Infantil.


School Nurse

It is a very good course and very useful for me as a school nurse. I am very sure that the course would be a good fit and useful for other Indonesian schools as well.

Director of Human Services/ Child Safety Officer

ChildSafeguarding.com offers Child Protection training in multiple languages that meets the needs of an international school community. The training is professional and very user friendly.

HR Manager

ChildSafeguarding.com offers many languages options that support different background staff to attend.

General Manager

ChildSafeguarding.com is the provider of choice for our school’s safeguarding training needs due to their quality contents and assessment flexibility.

School Service Manager

Our uniform staffs and outsourcing vendors get to understand the school working environment and our students in a much better way by attending the training. This releases a lot of stress from the operation management’s point of view.

Executive Assistant to the Primary Principal

Children in our culture face so many issues and challenges—they witness things they should never see. Part of our role as educators and parents is to protect them and ChildSafeguarding.com has crafted an invaluable resources to educate and guide us in building a safe environment for children. Protecting our children means protecting our future.

Head of Operations

The transport team is one of the largest stakeholder groups for us and they have sailed through [the ChildSafeguarding.com training program] fairly easily.

Operations and Finance Manager

Having helped ChildSafeguarding.com translate the course content into Laos, the course was targeted at the right level for our local support staff and was very well received by them. This is now an essential course for local stakeholder groups as part of our Child Safeguarding Training tools.

General Manager

The training designed by ChildSafeguarding.com has equipped our teams with confidence and the required clarity in working at our school.

HR and Relations Coordinator

ChildSafeguarding.com offers Child Protection training which is very helpful to our staff and the training is easy to understand by all especially the blue collar workers.


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