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Los proveedores de servicios son proveedores externos contratados que ofrecen servicios a una escuela. Sus empleados deben estar capacitados con el mismo estándar de Protección Infantil que el personal empleado directamente por la escuela. ChildSafeguarding.com fue diseñado para trabajar con proveedores y escuelas.

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Educational Planning Senior Consultant

ChildSafeguarding.com increases public awareness of child well-being and child’s safety.

Program Director

Matt was fantastic getting our Organisation started and certified as a whole Organisation. The program from administration to delivery is straightforward to set up and maintain. The ease of it being self-directive makes this certificate very accessible. I would highly recommend any Organisation to use this program as part of their child safeguarding framework. The program reminds us that it takes a village to support and nurture children enabling them to thrive.

Executive Director

As an organization working with children ChildSafeguarding.com child protection training is vital to our organization.As our educators gets unique insight into how children are developing, behaving, and interacting with others.Which helps them to spot signs of abuse, be that physical or mental.


As an organisation that provides trusted transportation services to schoolchildren, we are glad to be better equipped to handle child safeguarding issues through the training that our crew and staff have undergone. The instructional content was well designed so that all levels of learners could easily understand the basic tenets in the language of their choice.


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