Level 1 - Fundamental Child Protection Training for Educators


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In this 10-minute demo version of our Level 1 – Fundamental Child Protection Training for Educators course, you will sample the:

  • Course content and delivery – Audio, graphics, text, and video
  • Activities and Knowledge Check questions
  • Case Study
    • You will be able to choose either our Preschool, Primary School, Secondary School, or Whole School case study 
  • Certificate of Achievement

This demo will be presented in MANDARIN TRADITIONAL.

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What Customers Say About ChildSafeguarding.com

Executive Director, Latin American Heads Conference

The safeguarding course provided by ChildSafeguarding.com for school support staff gives an excellent basic introduction to child protection for ancillary workers. The clear delivery, wide choice of languages and straightforward and flexible user interface make it easily accessible to all. It is an important resource in enabling schools to ensure that ALL members of their communities are aware of safeguarding issues and are empowered to act.