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ChildSafeguarding.com uses connections to allow learners and organizations to share credits and information

Learners can connect to an organization they work with in order to use the organization’s credits to take a course or to share their certificates from previous courses. 

Courses that use Connections

  • Level 1 – Fundamental Child Protection Training for Educators

How Connections Work

Learners need to create an individual account and connect to the organization to use the organization’s credits.

When a learner is connected to an organization:

  • The individual learner can use credits the organization purchased to take course(s).
  • The organization can terminate any in-progress session that uses the organization’s credits.
  • The organization will see all of the learner’s certificate and in-progress session information, including information that does not involve the organization’s credits.
    • This allows the organization to see certificates the learner has earned outside the organization.

Making a Connection

Connections can be made through an invitation sent by the organization or through a request sent by the individual learner.

Connection Invitation

Connection Invitations from Organizations

An organization can invite individual learners to connect through:

  • Email – The organization can email an invitation from the Connections section on the ChildSafeguarding.com dashboard. The email can be sent to multiple addresses. The email will include a description of the connection and contain the organization’s Invitation Link.

  • Share – The organization can share a QR Code or URL for their Invitation Link. This is typically used to share the link in newsletters or messaging apps.

The Invitation Link will take individuals to a page that will allow them to login or register. Once they login or register, they will be connected to the organization.

The Invitation Link can only be used when it is active. The organization can activate or deactivate the link on the Connections section of their dashboard. 

Connection Request

Connection Requests from Individuals

An individual can request a connection to an organization.

The organization will receive a notification of the request. They will accept or reject the request in the Connections section of their dashboard.

Notes About Connections

When connected, the organization will be able to manage learner session and certificates in the Learner section of the dashboard and connection information in the Connection section of the dashboard.

Either the organization or the individual learner may disconnect at any time.

When an individual learner is disconnected, any in-progress session using the organization’s credits will be terminated.

Once the learner is disconnected, the organization will still see all the learner information associated with their credits in the Learner section of the dashboard, but they will no longer see certificates the learner earned using other credits.

The learner will maintain any certificates they earn with the organization’s credits, even after they disconnect.