General Reporting:

The information on this page is publicly available Child Protection reporting information for each country

Before reporting a child protection concern or disclosure to the authorities in your country, check that the information or evidence you have meets the threshold needed in order for authorities to take action.

If you any doubt whether you should, consider contacting a Child Protection expert or similar local, national or international consultant who can assist you in making that final decision.


Support for the public (including children) via a 24 hour hotline Talian ANAK 121 to report child abuse or neglect or to seek advice or counselling.

The Welfare Helpline 141 is a 24-hour hotline. Helpline 141 handles reports involving women and children, receiving calls specifically in cases of abuse, neglect, protection, exploitation, and family problems.

In an emergency, the Police can be contacted on 993


Local community office of government

•(Jiedao banshichu, 街道事)

Police Emergency 110

Department of Legal Aid & All-China Women’s Federation Hotline: 12338

Local Police

Local Community Watchman

Hong Kong

Family and Child Protective Services Units of Social Welfare Department

Social Welfare Department Hotline: 2343 2255.

Emergency Services (inc. Police): 999

Police Hotline: 2527 7177


Indonesian National Police (locally known as Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia ‘POLRI’):
Tel: Emergency 110 or 112 from mobiles or non-emergency (+62) 021-721800

Komisi Perlindungan Anak Indonesia (KPAI) the Indonesian Child Protection Commission – an organization that intervenes and advocates for children’s rights: Tel: (+62) 021-31901556


Any person who has knowledge of, or a suspicion that, a child is suffering harm or is at risk of significant harm from abuse or neglect should inform the Child Protector (Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat, JKM, officer “Pelindung”) report to the police or send the child to your nearest hospital.

The public can lodge reports at any police station or call the 24-hour hotline number via Talian Kasih at 15999.


To report concerns over a child’s safety, the public can dial MSF’s Child Protective Service Helpline (1800 777 000).

Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse:


• Police

Non-Emergency online reporting:

Emergency: Tel 1-1-0 Hotline

The Foreign Affairs Police (FAP), part of the
National Police Agency (NPA) tasked with assisting foreigners in distress or requiring assistance, has English-speaking officers at all major police precincts during normal.

To request reporting information from countries not included in this list