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School leadership includes the academic leadership, governance, and ownership of a school. They drive the strategic and operational Child Protection efforts in the school.

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Elementary Assistant Principal & Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead

I have found the layout, design and management of my learners in the portal to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Director Of Innovation

Ensuring the safety of students is an ongoing and increasingly complex task. At international schools, where cultures, languages, and approaches to child safety may vary greatly between individuals, this task becomes even more complex and there is often uncertainty surrounding the best approach. removes the complexity with automated web-based features, and provides a one-stop solution that can meet the needs of any and everyone in a given school community thanks to multilingual support and research-backed, simple to understand content for learners.


We are an inclusive school and that ethos is put into action not only amongst students but employees as well. Hence was an obvious choice for us. It not only covers the medium of language that will cater to all adults but also uses multiple strategies in its audio-visuals to convey information which are very relevant and important, to all learner types.

Head of School provided us with an efficient means of providing child protection training for our staff in multiple languages.

Deputy Head

Easy to administer and in a choice of languages, has meant all our support staff from swimming instructors to bus drivers have now had training on how to keep our children safe. For this, we are truly grateful.

Head of Secondary

The question format is great – I think that makes it very accessible for everyone.


The course is excellent and really fits with what we need.

Elementary Assistant Principal has helped to solve a long and perseverant problem at international schools; how to make child protection training available to our external community members like food service staff, security and bus monitors. We are grateful for the multilingual and accessible training that help to make our community and students safe!

MS/HS Principal

Thanks to the program’s availability in multiple languages, we can assure parents that every person in contact with their child has been trained in best practices for child safeguarding.

Executive Principal

We have enjoyed the flexibility that gives us in helping ensure that all members of our community understand their responsibilities. It is a wonderful resource in building a safer environment.

Group Director of School Operations

The Child Safeguarding and Protection training program offered by has helped our schools to enhance child safeguarding awareness and knowledge among non-English Speaking local staff and external servicer provider’s staff.

Department Head

The training from uses a simple explanation method, makes it easier for our employees to remember the training material.


Very valuable and meaningful. In addition to shining the spotlight on children safeguarding which is often not emphasized enough, ChildSafeguarding has built a platform that is user-friendly and easy for companies (of any size) to adopt!

Deputy Director is easy to use and accessible to our community of learners.

Head of School and Designated Safeguarding Lead offers child protection training that fits the needs of our school by offering online training to all adults in our system-teachers, teacher assistants, administrators, bus drivers, ayis, security, support staff, and in multiple languages. This program, complements our staff requirement of background/police security checks prior to employment.

Director of Professional Development offered us the easiest and best way for our entire staff to be trained effectively and efficiently. It was especially important for our Korean staff members, because they were able to do the training in their native language.

Elementary Assistant Principal & Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead

With a very diverse staff, has solved a problem we had always wrestled with- offering a child protection course with a variety of language options to ensure each staff member can access and understand the content so we have a shared vision of protecting and safeguarding our students!

Head of School

The ease of use and the accessibility of various languages made the Child Safeguarding program incredibly practical for our staff and the content fit nicely with child safety programs we teach our students.

Principal provides an accessible online course that allows our school community to ensure that child protection remains at the very heart of all that we do.

Head of School with its focus on support staff (eg cleaners, bus drivers, kitchen staff) is ideal in its content and delivery for this group within our school community.

Deputy Head of School has made it so much easier for us to give appropriate certified training to our local staff.

Vice Principal (Staff Relations and School Organisation) and Designated Safeguarding Lead offers tremendous flexibility to our organisation, ensuring that quality training is readily available to our support staff, peripatetic teachers and external providers. It has raised the status of safeguarding with all of our providers.

Head of Primary has enabled us to much more easily train all our outsourced staff from kitchen staff to security guards to external ECA staff before they have stepped foot on the school campus.

Deputy Head

A fantasic resource that allows all of my colleagues the opportunity to upskill and learn about our safeguarding procedures. The range of languages and the course content ensures it meets the requirement for all members of the school community to be trained in safeguarding.

Secondary Principal is addressing the needs of international schools in the Asia Pacific region supporting safeguarding training on a user friendly platform in a wide variety of languages.

Head of School’s online training has been a game-changer for us. Having access to the training in various languages, we have been able to alleviate the responsibilities of our counselors and HR manager, in regards to training all employees, volunteers, and external service providers in their mother tongue. Accessibility, enhanced by both the platform and the over 20 languages offered, has had a significant impact in raising awareness across various sectors in our community of learners!

Head of School provides cost effective, comprehensive child protection training that is accessible for support staff who do not speak English as their primary language.

Director of Education Quality Assurance & Accreditation

Our Education System has a strong commitment to child protection and well-being and believes everyone has a role to play in safeguarding our students. The partnership we have entered into with has allowed us to provide our local auxiliary staff with easy access to effective training, delivered in their native language, which is helping us to better safeguard our school communities throughout the country.

Head of School

We really like the fact that the training comes in so many languages which suits the needs of our auxiliary staff in our bus and custodial services.


Love how clean and efficient the site is.

Principal/Head provided an easy and convenient solution to upskilling all of our multilingual support staff in their home language.


The child protection training that offers is a valuable training for any school or individual who wishes to be kept up to date with child protection and safeguarding. The certificate you will receive after completion is valid for 2 years and is direct evidence that you properly trained for child protection.


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