Our Child Protection Courses

Children are safer when everyone is Child Protection trained

Our Child Protection courses are designed to train all adults that work with children, such as teachers, support staff, service providers, volunteers, parents, etc. Our courses meet international Safeguarding standards and are available in multiple languages. Our training is universally accessible on any Internet connected device.

ChildSafeguarding.com also recognizes organizations the are committed to Child Protection through their training of staff, volunteers, and parents.

Child Protection Courses

Audience: Support Staff and Volunteers​

Audience: Parents, Guardians, and Caretakers

Course Authors

Co-Founder and CEO
eLearn International Pte Ltd

Independent Child Protection Consultant
112 Safeguarding


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Chairperson,Association of National and Private Schools

“ChildSafeguarding.com offers something that is international (multiple languages), seamless to implement, and vital for the community. A perfect combination.”