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Individual accounts are used to take courses, connect to organizations, and access resources

Individual learners can create a free account on ChildSafeguarding.com. Through this account, individuals can buy credits to take courses on their own, connect to organizations to use their credits and to share certificates, or to access Child Protection resources.

Take Courses

Individual accounts can purchase credits that can be used to take courses. These credits will work on any course and in language. Once a course is started, the individual account can be used to pause and resume in-progress session or to access certificates for completed courses.

Connect to an Organization

Individual accounts accounts can connect to an organization account. 

When an individual account is connected to an organization:

  • The individual account can use credits the organization purchased to take course(s).
  • Individual accounts will only have access to the courses the organization gives them access to.
  • Individuals can only a course using organization credits once.
  • The organization will see all of the learner’s certificate and in-progress session information, including information that does not involve the organization’s credits.
    • This allows the organization to see certificates the learner has earned outside the organization.
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Access Free Child Protection Resources

Individual accounts have access to free Child Protection resources and additional instructional content that can be found in the Resources sections of the ChildSafeguarding.com dashboard.