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Organization accounts are used to manage credits, learners, and connections from a single account

Organizations can create a free organization account on ChildSafeguarding.com. Through this account, organizations can buy credits, use credits to get staff and volunteers on courses, manage connections and learners, and access resources.

Organizations can use these accounts to apply for our Child Protection Recognition Program.

Types of Organizations

  • School
  • Company


Organization accounts can purchase credits for their teachers, staff, and volunteers to take courses. Credits is sold individually or in packages. 

Learn More about credits and our packages.

Learners and Courses

Organizations can use their credits to have individual learners take our Child Protection courses. Learners can use organization credits to access any course or any language.

Some courses use codes to get learners started. Learn More about codes and how to use them.

Other courses require learners to connect to the organization account to use credits.


In order to use organization credits on certain course, Individual learners need to create accounts and then connect to the organization account. 

When an individual account is connected to an organization:

  • The individual account can use credits the organization purchased to take course(s).
  • The organization will see all of the learner’s certificate and in-progress session information, including information that does not involve the organization’s credits.
    • This allows the organization to see certificates the learner has earned outside the organization.
Learn More about connections.

Child Protection Resources

Organization accounts have access to free Child Protection resources and additional instructional content that can be found in the Resources sections of the ChildSafeguarding.com dashboard. 

Recognition Program

The ChildSafeguarding.com Recognition Program recognizes organizations for their commitment to protecting children from child abuse.

To become recognized, organizations are required to train their staff in Child Abuse Prevention and to meet standards of practice in Child Protection.

To learn more and to apply, visit the Recognition section of the ChildSafeguarding.com dashboard.